The Painting

The Beginning

The party was offered a chance to make some easy money by Gary. He promised and easy recovery of a painting in an abandoned home. The house belonged to a mage that had died long ago. There were magical traps that were still functional, though luckily for the party, the oblivion trap had grown weak over the years.

The party managed to fight off an animated statue that acted as guardian over the mage’s most prized possessions and successfully recovered the painting while looting the house of anything they thought was valuable. Kyth and Rastlin were especially successful in filling their bags with loot.

On their way out, the party encountered a strange, tentacled brain in a jar, but quickly fled to avoid the damage it was doing to their own minds.

The party accused Gary of being misleading when they discovered that the person the painting was to be delivered to lived in another city that would require a voyage by sea to reach. They could only receive their payment once the painting was safely delivered to its intended recipient.


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